Monday 23 February 2009

Some housekeeping...

For both of you who care, and maybe even one of you will notice, I've been bloody quiet for the last 3 months. Well, I've been busy trying to either get a real job (failed, but I guess I impressed someone at seeing as I made it into the top 20 of over 700); I've also had to move my parents to and from Ireland, got my driving test nailed down now (I'm all grown up with a licence, fuck you Yahtzee Croshaw) and I've also decided to go back to university doing something I know something about.

Anyway, gaming news and stuff:
  • the DSi will be out some time this year, for those of you with more money than sense and there are offers for knocking about already. I.e., for the 7 or 8 people who bought the PSP-3000: you can trade it in and get the DSi for £70
  • 360's are still breaking uncontrollably but we still love our Gamerscores
  • PS3's are still expensive but reliable - probably because no one can afford to play anything on them
  • 360's play .avi files once you download the media update (for all you nasty media pirate types)
  • I'm 90% sure that JJ Abram's Star Trek is an expansion on the TNG episode Reunification
  • If you call that a spoiler, cry me a river. I figured it out myself
  • Lego's awesome
  • The Wii is not
  • The new Prince of Persia is pretty good
  • Far Cry 2 isn't technically bad, but it's boring as fuck
  • GTA: The Lost and The Damned has a Road Rash-esque minigame which is work 1600 MS Points in my opinion
  • I get RSI from playing Guitar Hero World Tour sat down
  • The Fuzz minigame on Saint's Row 2 had me in stitches
  • I mean it this time, I'm not going on /b/ anymore
  • I'm not going to help you find it, even if you did a coca cola bottle and need help
That's about it. If anyone really cares, I'll start posting bitesize reviews for games, but I've essentially got three jobs now so bleh.